Saturday, November 12, 2016

Arthur Samuel Roberts Jr. Nov 12, 1941

Happy Birthday today Grandpa Sam. What a great example to your family you are of constancy and reliability. We know we can always count on you to help us. You are a great father and grandfather.

Grandpa Sam's favorite food is from his mission to Holland. The Netherlands occupied Indonesia when grandpa was on his mission and there were lots of Indonesian restaurants there. The missionaries loved to go out to these restaurants. Grandpa has not been able to find this food in Utah and wishes he could.

One food he remembered was a Rice Toffle

"Indonesian dishes such as satay, beef rendang, and sambal are favoured in Malaysia and Singapore. Soy-based dishes, such as variations of tofu and tempeh, are also very popular. "

Picking a food he loves here is Mexican and he loves Taco's and Burritos. But they have to be beef not chicken. 

Grandpas favorite color is in the "gold family" He likes golds, browns and oranges.  Sounded like fall to me--

Two stories he wants his family to remember were the first was his families tragedy when they were in the car accident and lost Grandpa Art. He and Grandma have been working hard for the last several years to write their personal histories and he promises within the next several months we will be getting them so we can read in detail and with pictures about this experience that changed his life forever.

The second was a happier time. He loved the opportunity he had to go to Cokeville, Wyoming the summer of 1957 to live with his Uncle Russ Roberts on his ranch and work as a cowboy. 

Grandpa Art was elected to represent the school board at an important meeting back east and him and Grandma Rebecca went alone. Sam got to stay at his Uncle Russ's ranch and Shauna and Scott stayed in Afton with Grandma Lettie Roberts and his aunt. When his parents got back Sam wanted to stay and finish out the summer and they allowed it. He loved his time bailing hay, and riding horses.

Some of his favorite songs are from Rock and Roll of the 1950's his favorite was Buddy Holly

He also loved Johnny Mathis