Saturday, November 12, 2016

Arthur Samuel Roberts Jr. Nov 12, 1941

Happy Birthday today Grandpa Sam. What a great example to your family you are of constancy and reliability. We know we can always count on you to help us. You are a great father and grandfather.

Grandpa Sam's favorite food is from his mission to Holland. The Netherlands occupied Indonesia when grandpa was on his mission and there were lots of Indonesian restaurants there. The missionaries loved to go out to these restaurants. Grandpa has not been able to find this food in Utah and wishes he could.

One food he remembered was a Rice Toffle

"Indonesian dishes such as satay, beef rendang, and sambal are favoured in Malaysia and Singapore. Soy-based dishes, such as variations of tofu and tempeh, are also very popular. "

Picking a food he loves here is Mexican and he loves Taco's and Burritos. But they have to be beef not chicken. 

Grandpas favorite color is in the "gold family" He likes golds, browns and oranges.  Sounded like fall to me--

Two stories he wants his family to remember were the first was his families tragedy when they were in the car accident and lost Grandpa Art. He and Grandma have been working hard for the last several years to write their personal histories and he promises within the next several months we will be getting them so we can read in detail and with pictures about this experience that changed his life forever.

The second was a happier time. He loved the opportunity he had to go to Cokeville, Wyoming the summer of 1957 to live with his Uncle Russ Roberts on his ranch and work as a cowboy. 

Grandpa Art was elected to represent the school board at an important meeting back east and him and Grandma Rebecca went alone. Sam got to stay at his Uncle Russ's ranch and Shauna and Scott stayed in Afton with Grandma Lettie Roberts and his aunt. When his parents got back Sam wanted to stay and finish out the summer and they allowed it. He loved his time bailing hay, and riding horses.

Some of his favorite songs are from Rock and Roll of the 1950's his favorite was Buddy Holly

He also loved Johnny Mathis

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FHE- It's all about the Dash!!

Here is a fun FHE lesson idea.

First share this video that talks about the Dash- this is the short line that is between someones birthday and death date.

That short line represents someones whole life. Just like your life right now it is full of Joy and sorrow,  Fun and work, and hopefully family.

Next your going to learn a fun song

To the music of "All about that bass"

All about that Dash
by the Wells family

Because you know it's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash.

Yeah, it's pretty clear, that my heart's turned to
Search out my ancestors, like I'm supposed to do.
Just found a new name to fill in that space.
I got all the right dates and all the right places.
I see that dash in there, and wonder 'bout their lives.
Like where did they all live, and how did they survive?
What did she like to do?
Who were her friends?
Cause everybody's story's awesome from beginning to the end.

Yeah, great grandpa he told me his stories from World War 2.
And that one time great grandma's new pony threw off its shoe.
And when grandpa met grandma and they went on their first date.
Because learning about family history is so great.

Because you know it's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash.

My genealogy. So many people who are sealed to me.
We'll do their temple work from A to Z.
But I'm here to tell ya,
everybody's story's awesome from the beginning to the end.
Yeah, my ancestors did lots of really amazing things.
Some were just peasants and others were queens and kings.
And their stories make me want to make my own dash the best
Because the way that we live is what makes us all truly blessed.

Because you know it's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash, life stories.
It's all about that dash, 'bout that dash.

Have fun with that!

Then your going to play a game. Login to Family Search and find an ancestor that doesn't have very much information.  Hopefully you have a Birth, Death, Marriage and Parents,Siblings, and Children's births and deaths.  Then you want to find the world events, like wars and who was president of the Church and the country you live in. All these go on a time line of this persons "dash". You can also add important church dates in this time line such as when missionaries were first sent to Denmark and when the first vision happened.

for example

Karen Sophie Rasmussen

Was born in 1808
She was married in 1831
She died in 1850 all in Denmark

So We are looking for all the major life events in her life that would impact her joy and sorrow.

Most of her siblings on this image were born before her but I found one sibling born after her

So your timeline would be like this

1808 Birth
1811 Birth of Lars baby brother
1814 - Norway’s departure from the Union.
1820 First vision of Joseph Smith in America
1830 The first Book of Mormon published and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints was organized in America
1831 Marriage
1832 Baby boy Lars born
1833 Baby boy Hans born and died
1835 2nd Baby boy Hans born (same name because first baby died)
1837 Baby girl Ane born. First LDS missionaries sent to England
1838 Baby boy Johan born
1839 Baby boy Rasmus born
1840 Baby boy Jens born, Baby boy Rasmus died
1841 Baby  boy Jens died
1843 Karen's mother died
1844 Joseph Smith is martyered
1847 Karen's father died
1848 - Abolition of absolutism.
1849 - First liberal constitution, the June Constitution.
Missionaries were first sent to Denmark in 1849 and the first Danish Book of Mormon was translated. Danish Saints to be the first non-English speakers to read the Book of Mormon in their native tongue.
Doing a search on found several articles about the church in Denmark

5 Things to Know about the Church in Denmark

Scandinavia, the Church in

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grandpa Arthur Samuel Roberts June 2, 1918

Favorite Song: Grandpa Sam remembers playing a duet with Grandpa Art in sacrament meeting twice. Grandpa Sam played the clarinet and Grandpa Art played the piano. They played "There is a green hill faraway" and "Rock of Ages"

Grandpa was in the air-force during World War II and was trained as a pilot. Some how he was later moved to top gunner in a B-29 Super Fortress. They have one at Hill Air Force base in Utah and we went and saw it for his birthday. 

The window on top was where
Grandpa Art would sit and shoot.
Back Gunner

WWII Uniform

Monday, March 28, 2016

Grandpa Smith's Birthday-- January 10,1907

Favorite Food: Brown Sugar
Grandma Kennard said he just liked lot's of it because he remembered being hungry as a child. Hated to see food to go to waste.
Grandpa was color blind so Grandma Kennard doesn't think he has a favorite color
Liked the music of Steven Foster especially the song "Old Black Joe"

Grandpa loved to whistle and sing. I loved to hear him sing "Froggy went a courtin", and "You get a line and I'll get a pole."

Grandpa could quote whole chapters in the Bible from memory. Uncle Sean remembers "It was amazing. I would sit there with the Bible open and he would start talking and get it almost word for word at age 78. I couldn't believe it. He knew chapters from Isaiah, parts of Chronicles, and Ecclesiastes."

"Following (our daughter's) mortal death, our feelings were raw, we struggled, and still today we have moments of great sorrow, but we hold to the understanding that no one ever really dies. Despite our anguish when Georgia’s physical body stopped functioning, we had faith that she went right on living as a spirit, and we believe we will live with her eternally if we adhere to our temple covenants. Faith in our Redeemer and His Resurrection, faith in His priesthood power, and faith in eternal sealings let us believe. . . ( what). . .  President Gordon B. Hinckley said: “If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God. … The Lord will not forsake us.”4 Yielding Our Hearts to God   Oct 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma Smith- January 30, 1915

Favorite food: Soup Beans and corn bread
Favorite color: Red
She was a great seamstress and made all her children's clothes. She would take Grandpa Smith's old dress shirts and cut off the tail and use it to make baby clothes with embroidery,
She loved listening to old radio programs like "Only the Shadow knows", Red Rider, Ma Kettle, and Loan Ranger and Tanto.
Once they got a TV she enjoyed watching Soap Operas like Days of our Lives and music programs like Lawerence Welk

"My niece Katie was a hopeful 20-year-old university student with many talents and plans for the future. Four years ago Katie died in an auto accident. Though our family still feels much homesickness for her, we know that we will be with her again, and we are not worried about her. In Katie’s wallet was her temple recommend, given to her by her bishop so she could be baptized for her ancestors. Katie was worthy. Not long before Katie died she wrote these words: “If this were my last day on earth, this is the record I would leave. Make each day meaningful. … Stay close to the Lord. Gain all the knowledge you can about the scriptures, the gospel, the creations of the Lord. … Give of yourself … and always remember Christ for His example and His Atonement and strive each day to be like Him.” There Is Hope Smiling Brightly before Us   April 2003

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Grandma Rebecca Bastian Roberts March 22, 1922


Favorite Food- Grandpa said "She never sat down to eat. She was too busy serving everyone else." She made really yummy "flap jacks" which were like a scone but "different"? So we will be having scones
Grandma Terry said Grandma Rebecca was a meat and potatoes kind of girl.
Grandma Terry thinks Grandma Rebecca's favorite color was Lavender

Sheri, Grandma Rebecca, Sam, Shauna, and Scott
when Sam was preparing to go on his mission to Holland.
Sam, Rebecca and Sheri. Grandma Rebecca sent her first missionary out 3 years after Grandpa Art died in a car accident.
Grandma Rebecca loved to read anything she could get her hands on. 

My Grandma Kennard died in 1984 from liver cancer. None of my children were able to meet her.
Grandma Rebecca had heart surgery April 10, 1984 done by Elder  Russell M. Nelson the Tuesday after he was ordained an apostle. She was able to live 20 years after that surgery. She was able to meet and give gifts to 5 of my children because of that surgery. She was like a Grandmother to me from the time I was about 17 and taught me to crochet and other homemaking skills. She was always kind and loving to our family and gave us amazing quilts. All of my children were able to be blessed in a quilt she made.
Wendy, Grandma Rebecca, Terry, and baby Rachel 2001.

Andrew John Roberts baby blessing 2008 in a handmade quilt Grandma Rebecca made for Joseph in 1992.

Grandma Rebecca served 2 missions one to England on an Extraction mission. She got her mission call and the Doctor said she wasn't healthy enough to go to a foreign mission. She was not daunted though and was determined to serve where she was called so she asked the Doctor if he would give her approval if she was able to work at Walmart for 1 year. He said yes and so she did. He had to give her the approval after one year and she served a year and a half in England. 

The second was to the Family History library in downtown Salt Lake.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Grandma Terry Kay Stevens Birthday Celebration March 17th, 1945

Favorite food- Ice cream nuts and goo and chocolate, and hamburgers
Favorite Color- Greens, or teal, cream, yellow
Favorite Song- I believe in Christ, If the Savior stoodbeside me and I’m trying to be like Jesus.
Les Miserable- Show tunes. Love the music of Frank Sinatra, Big band, love songs

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Seeking mentoring from the Master week 5

This week for mentoring we are talking about Faith and Joan of Arc. Here is a link to an essay I wrote about the things I learned about Joan of Arc. 

Faith--  Here are two former blog posts about how I am living proof that Gods love is real. I have been so blessed with miracles and Light. I cannot deny the truth.

"Living proof
I am evidence
That His love is real"  

One of my first personal experiences that the Lord hears and answers prayers.

In the bible dictionary this is the definition of Faith: 

"Although faith is a gift, it must be cultured and sought after until it grows from a tiny seed to a great tree. The effects of true faith in Jesus Christ include (1) an actual knowledge that the course of life one is pursuing is acceptable to the Lord (see Heb. 11:4); (2) a reception of the blessings of the Lord that are available to man in this life; and (3) an assurance of personal salvation in the world to come. These things involve individual and personal testimony, guidance, revelation, and spiritual knowledge. Where there is true faith there are miracles, visions, dreams, healings, and all the gifts of God that He gives to His saints."

For our family memorizing scripture we are studying about the Stripling warriors and how they "obeyed every word of command with exactness" Thinking about how faith inspires us to obey with exactness and honor.

And creating a Spiritual plan. As we all know if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This week we will be discussing each family members next step on the covenant path. We have one getting baptized this year in August and several that are working on receiving their patriarchal blessings. I found this amazing resource for Patriarchal blessing preparation and we are really excited to begin reading it. Endure with joy to the end is the next step for several in our family and we are working to find joy in the journey each day. There is so much to be grateful for and so much joy to be had if we will just look for it each day. 

Affirmations are another way to strengthen our faith and help us remember our worth and divine nature. 

"The Father and our Savior desire to lead us through love, for if we were merely driven where They wish us to go, we would not be worthy to be there, and, surely, we could not stay there. They are Shepherds, not sheepherders." Meekness—A Dimension of True Discipleship” Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Grandpa Burton Vivian Stevens Birthday March 16, 1909

Grandpa Burton Vivian Steven’s Birthday Celebration- March 16th, 1909

Favorite food- Banana Splits and Biscuits and Gravy
Favorite Color- Dark Blue 
Favorite Song- The High and the Mighty- John Wayne

Grandpa Stevens could whistle it really well.

Was a great singer, he liked to whistle, he loved to golf, and loved trains and ships.

He married Kate Grover when he was 30
He was the youngest of 2 children, his brother was killed in a boating accident 1940.  They were pretty close and he was very sad. He was only 31 when his only brother died.
His dad died when he was 41
His mom died when he was 58

He worked for the Civil Aeronautics Administration, and then it got changed to the FAA which it is still what it is called today.
Both he and Grandma Stevens knew how to fly planes. So in their family everyone knew how to fly but Grandma Terry.

Story about ice cream
Story about getting robbed in Pakistan “Did I do good?”
Last time you'll see me
Smile on his face

"We ask similarly reflective questions when someone we love dies: “Where are they? What are they seeing and experiencing? Does life continue? What will be the nature of our most cherished relationships in the great world of the spirits of the dead?”
In that world, our family has two granddaughters, Sara and Emily, and a grandson, Nathan. With each grandchild’s passing, we as a family held on to the gospel truths with both hands. Our questions were answered with comfort and assurance through the Atonement of the Savior. Although we miss our grandchildren, we know they live, and we know we will see them again. How grateful we are for this spiritual understanding in times of personal and familial turbulence." God is at the Helm, Elder Ballard Oct 2015

Friday, March 4, 2016

Grandma Steven’s Birthday Celebration- March 5th, 1915

Grandma Steven’s Birthday Celebration- March 5th, 1915

Full Name: Katie Grover Stevens

Favorite food- Pie
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Song- Nat King Cole- A Blossom Fell

Loved to travel, read and was a good writer.
Her dad died when she was 12
Her mom died when she was 22
She was the youngest of 12 children and 4 of them died in infancy so she was the youngest of 8 living children just like Andrew.
She worked as a bank teller.
She married Burton Vivian Stevens when she was 24
She was endowed in the Mesa, Arizona Temple when she was 83.

Challenge for Grandma's Birthday call Grandma Roberts and ask her to tell you these two stories

Dog story-Lindy

Last Challenge is to watch this story about Grandma Stevens at our family reunion.

More things about Grandma Stevens

She would get Sea sick so she didn't like boats but went with Grandpa Stevens because he loved them
Because of Grandpa's work she was called upon to entertain which she enjoyed doing and was good at. She told a funny story about entertaining about 2 Turkey's. She had red hair that she didn't like. She worked as a bank teller. Although she was not active whenever they were in the United States she would take the kids to church and made sure they both were baptized when they were 8.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Seeking Mentoring from the Master Week 4- Symbols

This week we had a FHE lesson from the talk 'For Peace at home" by Elder Scott. I have the quote on my wall from his talk "One of the greatest blessings we can offer to the world is the power of a Christ-centered home where the gospel is taught, covenants are kept, and love abounds." from the Idea Door

This week for Seeking mentoring from the Master we discussed Symbolism and the way Heavenly Father uses symbols to teach us. I especially love symbols because they can have so many layers of teaching that we can learn something new every time. Father can use them to teach us something new and powerful as we search and seek.  One of my favorite discussions of symbolism is by S. Michael Wilcox.  I found this awesome resource of free podcasts by him and loved listening to them. 

This is my favorite part of this article as it applies to Symbolism and how we can learn many different layers from one symbol.

Apply Principles from Baptism and the Sacrament
Before we even go to the temple, we are introduced to symbolic ordinances. Through them we are shown how to respond to symbolic language. The sacrament and baptism are such ordinances.
Baptism is an excellent ordinance to study to give us a better idea of how the Lord teaches in the temple. What does baptism symbolize? Some may say baptism is symbolic of a cleansing. Others may teach that baptism symbolized a birth. Others might add that baptism is a symbolic burial.
Is baptism a bath, a birth, or a burial? It is all of them. Because such symbols convey multiple meanings, they will, if we continue to ponder them, constantly edify and instruct us throughout our lives.
In the sacrament, the bread reminds us of the body of the Savior, and the water of His blood. When we partake, we think of His loving sacrifice in our behalf and of our covenants that make His sacrifice efficacious in our lives. The bread and water can also remind us that Jesus was “the bread of life” and that He is the source of “living water.” Our focus, therefore, is centered on the meaning of the symbol and not on the symbol itself. When we understand the meanings of temple symbols, their outward forms become beautiful, just as the sacrament is beautiful and edifying to them.

There are so many symbols of Christ and there are many things that can point us to the atonement and the Savior. His many names can all symbolize His roll in our lives and in the great plan of happiness. I have been reading 2 Nephi 11 and loved the end of this verse 5 yea my soul delighteth in his grace, and in his justice, and power and mercy in the great and eternal plan of deliverance from death.

I had not heard the plan called this before and thought of how joyful it is to be delivered from that awful monster death and hell. We are so grateful for the infinite and eternal sacrifice that would allow us to be saved. 

We have been working on memorizing Mosiah 4:14-15 especailly. Love one another and serve one another.  

We have all been asking the questions "What do I need to stop doing to be closer to the Savior?" and "What do I need to start doing to be closer to the Savior?"  These two questions are so powerful but simple. It has made a huge difference. 

I was able to make a label with "Did you think to pray?" and this quote:

“As important as it is to leave home every day with a full charge on your cell phone, it is far more important to be fully charged spiritually. Every time you plug in your phone, use it as a reminder to ask yourself if you have plugged in to the most important source of spiritual power—prayer." —Randall L. Ridd, "The Choice Generation

I attached them to every Charger cord in the house to help us all remember to pray more often. 

For Easter this year we are going to memorize the Living Christ and I am excited to use this resource

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Seeking Mentoring from the Master Week 3

For our family mentoring this week we are talking about Obtaining the Mind of Christ found in 1 Corinthians 2:16. We discussed two ideas to go with this Mastering your mind and Minding your master. Controlling your thoughts is one of the most important skills for success in all areas of your life 

One way to do this is with the three E's and the three R's 

R's stand for Remember, Review and Renew

These two questions will give us the guidance we need to fully consecrate ourselves to the Lord

  1. What am I now doing that I should stop?
  2. What am I not doing that I should start?

Let's talk about each one. 

Elevate- This applies to our speech, our thoughts and our actions. What we allow to be around us in media or posters on our wall all help to elevate or degrade us. Each time we choose things that Elevate we are choosing more light and truth. 

Something interesting Wendy Watson Nelson said at Roots Tech goes with both Elevate and Eliminate for me was about a Patriarch.  She asked him what he did to prepare to give a blessing and expected him to talk about going to the temple, studying about the Tribes of Israel, or something like that. Instead he said "I get out the vacuum".  I have been thinking about how cleanliness is next to Godliness and the more our home or environment is clean and orderly the more we are ready for revelation and inspiration.

Some of the things on my list of Elevate was to have my home second only to the temple in sacredness. This meant that I had some work to organize and get rid of things that no longer served our family or brought us joy and to start adding things that would be symbolic or in other ways bring us joy and light. I created a new thing for our wall that has done both and wanted to share it. It is a wall hanging basket that says Joy on it. I loved it immediately when I saw it and brought it home. But couldn't decide what it was for or how to use it. This year my one word is Joy and so everything I have found that says Joy on it I have brought home to remind me of this one word I am seeking this year. 

1 Nephi 11
So this week in Young Women's we did a fun craft that was inspired by a member of the Stake Young Women's presidency. We created Tree of Life replica's to go in each girls room. It was a fun activity and I knew what I needed to do with my Joy basket. It reminds me that the Fruit of the tree (the Love of God) is the most joyous to the soul and that it is what every human heart is seeking.

I have also been starting on one side of the house and ending at the other trying to vacuum throughout the whole house. This of course requires me to pick up and put away along the way. And required several days of one hour at a time stretches to get to where I could go from one side of the house to the other in one hour. But progress is being made. It has been interesting to me to find that the creation, at the beginning of this process, of a sacred space has inspired changes throughout the house. Creating a physical place in my home to talk to the Lord has allowed Him to help me make the whole house a place He can be welcomed.

Educate and Remember have gone together to some degree. We have been working on our memorization book. The video I shared had a 3x5 card box that was a good idea but we use a 3 ring binder instead. I used the same idea to have daily, even and odd, and days of the week and days of the month. But have done it on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper instead of cards so we can all read it together. It is working well and makes me super happy to have things to memorize as we have down time or waiting time. My youngest has done amazing and I am loving the ability to pull up scripture when I am discouraged or need a way to "elevate" my thoughts. I am also listening to "As a Man Thinketh" on audible and thinking about how that applies to elevate and eliminate. Things I think that need to go and how to add light and truth to my thoughts on a consistent basis.

Still working on Review and Renew. Would love your input on what you think it means. Have been asking the question "What am I holding back?" as a spiritual question for the Lord to help me answer the two questions at the top. What do I need to start doing and what do I need to stop doing?  Will work on these with Review and Renew.

Last but not least I found an amazing scripture this week. It was in a book I have of Simon Dewey's art work on the Savior. It had a picture of the woman who had the issue of blood reaching out to touch the Savior and being healed and said "We know from the scriptures that later, after word was spread abroad concerning this miracle, that as many as touched the  Savior's robe were healed." I thought ?What?? When did that happen. I don't know about that??  So I went to the scripture that he also gave on the page Matthew 14:35-36 and was so blessed by this scripture. It helped me see that the Savior can heal now those who reach out to Him in faith!! This was a comfort to me as I have been praying for many years now for the healing my family and I need. This video is of Matthew 14:35-36 in ASL and was a great joy to me!!

Here is a video about Prayer-- Did you think to Pray? By the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Seeking Mentoring from the Master Week 2

You will be pleased to know I have done mentoring with my family two weeks in a row and we had family home evening 2 weeks in a row. E. taught our lesson yesterday and created a power point to teach us about being a Peacemaker.  It was awesome!! 

I have asked Adam to teach the FHE lesson next week on the talk from Elder Scott called "For Peace at Home". 

This weeks mentoring started with this talk from Elder Oaks. We will be working on it this week together so we can discuss it next week.Developing The Relationship:Oaks BYU Revelation Speech 

We discussed personal revelation and how it is individual and has to be developed and like a muscle used and grown. I challenged each of us to keep a Revelation record. It is my experience that the Lord gives me answers to my questions and revelation a piece at a time. As I record and "gather" the pieces together I can see more clearly the answer he is trying to give me. I challenged them to write a question and seek the Lord's answers gathering them as they go. Recognizing that the Lord can speak to us through the scriptures, other people, meetings, and promptings or ideas in our head. 

This week we had two scriptures that we are memorizing in our memory work. One is Alma 37:17 and the other is Docterine and Covenants 82;10. These were not sought out by me or even recognized as an answer to a continuous prayer until one day we were reviewing in the car and A. said " What about the promise scripture?" I recognized that he was right both were about Father fulfilling his promises and I was comforted by the tender mercy that it was no coincidence that we started with these scriptures but they were an answer to my fasting and prayers that the Lord was working on it and I could continue to trust in Him.

Obedience was the next thing we discussed this week and how Obedience is the first law of heaven. We talked about the Stripling warriors and how they Obeyed every word of command with exactness. 

Next was the spiritual question "What lack I yet?" and a desire to obey whatever the Lord's answer. I love how the question enables us to take one step at a time back to the Lord. I love how merciful and kind the Father is to give us small steps and enables us to master them then gives us more. It is a joy to me to be progressing back to him and I love that He strengthens and helps me every step of the way.

Our family study for the week is Mosiah 4:14-15 and our family motto many years ago was "Love one another and serve one another". This goes really nicely with E's power point and her challenges to us to be kind to each other.

Been thinking about the power that Father offers us for obedience. Listened to the amazing talk by Elder Renlund for doing family history work with temple work and loved the promise of personal power. When we lived in Maryland I had a dear Relief society president who took such good care of me. One day I was telling her about a really discouraging FHE I told her that everyone was running amok and it was a fail. She said to me something I have never forgotten 12 years later. She was a convert to the church and her husband was a non member for many years. She said although family home evening was hard "I determined that I wanted the promised blessings for my family and nothing was going to stand in the way of me getting them."

Here is a video of all the promises we have been given and a list of things that we need to do to receive those promises. So many promises and so many things that will bless us with greater power. Like my friend every mother wants these promised blessings for their children in this world of increasing darkness.

Thinking about the things that we can do on the Sabbath to show Father a sign of our gratitude and worship for Him.  Trying to have mentor meetings and FHE each Sabbath day as well as helping each family member work on Family history or indexing.

We have been listening to books again at night and I have been working on Family History. It is AWESOME!! So fun. Found about 60 names this week!! 

Last I wanted to share what my daughters and I worked on this week. We studied the talk by Elder Nelson last conference called "Plea to my sisters"

E. really touched my heart with her ideas about it and I wanted to share. I will put what Elder Nelson said in Black and what E said about it in red so you can see easily. Please note she is 10.

"President Spencer W. Kimball made a profound prophecy about the impact that covenant-keeping women would have on the future of the Lord’s Church. He prophesied: “Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church in the last days will come because many of the good women of the world … will be drawn to the Church in large numbers. This will happen to the degree that the women of the Church reflect righteousness and articulateness in their lives and to the degree that the women of the Church are seen as distinct and different—in happy ways—from the women of the world.”5

"My dear sisters, you who are our vital associates during this winding-up scene, the day that President Kimball foresaw is today. You are the women he foresaw!"

E: I love that it says we are the women he was talking about. It's amazing and powerful

"We, your brethren, need your strength, your conversion, your conviction, your ability to lead, your wisdom, and your voices."
E: I like this part because lots of things today say that men are better than women but this is saying that women are needed.
"We need your strength!"
E: We have more strength then we know.

"Together we will help prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Lord." 

E: I think that is a cool quote