Sunday, March 6, 2016

Grandpa Burton Vivian Stevens Birthday March 16, 1909

Grandpa Burton Vivian Steven’s Birthday Celebration- March 16th, 1909

Favorite food- Banana Splits and Biscuits and Gravy
Favorite Color- Dark Blue 
Favorite Song- The High and the Mighty- John Wayne

Grandpa Stevens could whistle it really well.

Was a great singer, he liked to whistle, he loved to golf, and loved trains and ships.

He married Kate Grover when he was 30
He was the youngest of 2 children, his brother was killed in a boating accident 1940.  They were pretty close and he was very sad. He was only 31 when his only brother died.
His dad died when he was 41
His mom died when he was 58

He worked for the Civil Aeronautics Administration, and then it got changed to the FAA which it is still what it is called today.
Both he and Grandma Stevens knew how to fly planes. So in their family everyone knew how to fly but Grandma Terry.

Story about ice cream
Story about getting robbed in Pakistan “Did I do good?”
Last time you'll see me
Smile on his face

"We ask similarly reflective questions when someone we love dies: “Where are they? What are they seeing and experiencing? Does life continue? What will be the nature of our most cherished relationships in the great world of the spirits of the dead?”
In that world, our family has two granddaughters, Sara and Emily, and a grandson, Nathan. With each grandchild’s passing, we as a family held on to the gospel truths with both hands. Our questions were answered with comfort and assurance through the Atonement of the Savior. Although we miss our grandchildren, we know they live, and we know we will see them again. How grateful we are for this spiritual understanding in times of personal and familial turbulence." God is at the Helm, Elder Ballard Oct 2015

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