Sunday, March 20, 2016

Grandma Rebecca Bastian Roberts March 22, 1922


Favorite Food- Grandpa said "She never sat down to eat. She was too busy serving everyone else." She made really yummy "flap jacks" which were like a scone but "different"? So we will be having scones
Grandma Terry said Grandma Rebecca was a meat and potatoes kind of girl.
Grandma Terry thinks Grandma Rebecca's favorite color was Lavender

Sheri, Grandma Rebecca, Sam, Shauna, and Scott
when Sam was preparing to go on his mission to Holland.
Sam, Rebecca and Sheri. Grandma Rebecca sent her first missionary out 3 years after Grandpa Art died in a car accident.
Grandma Rebecca loved to read anything she could get her hands on. 

My Grandma Kennard died in 1984 from liver cancer. None of my children were able to meet her.
Grandma Rebecca had heart surgery April 10, 1984 done by Elder  Russell M. Nelson the Tuesday after he was ordained an apostle. She was able to live 20 years after that surgery. She was able to meet and give gifts to 5 of my children because of that surgery. She was like a Grandmother to me from the time I was about 17 and taught me to crochet and other homemaking skills. She was always kind and loving to our family and gave us amazing quilts. All of my children were able to be blessed in a quilt she made.
Wendy, Grandma Rebecca, Terry, and baby Rachel 2001.

Andrew John Roberts baby blessing 2008 in a handmade quilt Grandma Rebecca made for Joseph in 1992.

Grandma Rebecca served 2 missions one to England on an Extraction mission. She got her mission call and the Doctor said she wasn't healthy enough to go to a foreign mission. She was not daunted though and was determined to serve where she was called so she asked the Doctor if he would give her approval if she was able to work at Walmart for 1 year. He said yes and so she did. He had to give her the approval after one year and she served a year and a half in England. 

The second was to the Family History library in downtown Salt Lake.

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