Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma Smith- January 30, 1915

Favorite food: Soup Beans and corn bread
Favorite color: Red
She was a great seamstress and made all her children's clothes. She would take Grandpa Smith's old dress shirts and cut off the tail and use it to make baby clothes with embroidery,
She loved listening to old radio programs like "Only the Shadow knows", Red Rider, Ma Kettle, and Loan Ranger and Tanto.
Once they got a TV she enjoyed watching Soap Operas like Days of our Lives and music programs like Lawerence Welk

"My niece Katie was a hopeful 20-year-old university student with many talents and plans for the future. Four years ago Katie died in an auto accident. Though our family still feels much homesickness for her, we know that we will be with her again, and we are not worried about her. In Katie’s wallet was her temple recommend, given to her by her bishop so she could be baptized for her ancestors. Katie was worthy. Not long before Katie died she wrote these words: “If this were my last day on earth, this is the record I would leave. Make each day meaningful. … Stay close to the Lord. Gain all the knowledge you can about the scriptures, the gospel, the creations of the Lord. … Give of yourself … and always remember Christ for His example and His Atonement and strive each day to be like Him.” There Is Hope Smiling Brightly before Us   April 2003

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