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Grandma Steven’s Birthday Celebration- March 5th, 1915

Grandma Steven’s Birthday Celebration- March 5th, 1915

Full Name: Katie Grover Stevens

Favorite food- Pie
Favorite Color- Blue
Favorite Song- Nat King Cole- A Blossom Fell

Loved to travel, read and was a good writer.
Her dad died when she was 12
Her mom died when she was 22
She was the youngest of 12 children and 4 of them died in infancy so she was the youngest of 8 living children just like Andrew.
She worked as a bank teller.
She married Burton Vivian Stevens when she was 24
She was endowed in the Mesa, Arizona Temple when she was 83.

Challenge for Grandma's Birthday call Grandma Roberts and ask her to tell you these two stories

Dog story-Lindy

Last Challenge is to watch this story about Grandma Stevens at our family reunion.

More things about Grandma Stevens

She would get Sea sick so she didn't like boats but went with Grandpa Stevens because he loved them
Because of Grandpa's work she was called upon to entertain which she enjoyed doing and was good at. She told a funny story about entertaining about 2 Turkey's. She had red hair that she didn't like. She worked as a bank teller. Although she was not active whenever they were in the United States she would take the kids to church and made sure they both were baptized when they were 8.

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