Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Walk Tall, You're a Daughter of God- Song for the Reunion

The girls that would like to will be singing this song at our Family Reunion program Friday night.

It will be wonderful!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Family is of God

We will be learning this song for our Family Reunion during the Family History part. We will be discussing our ancestors and learning about the things we have inherited from them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference Sunday April 2014

Some might think your four minutes are over and you blew it. Stop thinking that and never think it again

"Endings are not our destiny"
"There is so much more for us then just this life"

Pattern for leading others to Christ
1. Invite-  Reach out
2. Follow up- Lifting up
3. Persistance- Walking with them

I would never have asked for this trial but I would never give it away

It was the load that made it possible for him to return home.

Covenants are how we yoke with the Savior to pull our load

Standing on the shoulders of giants-- those who have blessed us with the gospel

Lord uses as small bit to help guide us

Joseph Smith wasn't hasty but prepared to go and talk to God

Messages I need to prepare for Family home evenings

1. Covenant path

Standing in Holy Places

2. Family History conversion stories

3. Ask the missionaries they can help

4. Without root or branch

General Conference Saturday

Here are the notes I took from Saturday's conferences

Pres. Eyring
"He accepted the invitation"
Message to me "My job is to invite those I love. Their job is to decide whether or not to accept the invitation.

Father Lehi's desire and open arms to his family even though he was the prophet and had seen the joys and sorrows of his posterity

Pres. Holland
Sometimes we are called upon to endure persecution for the Lord's sake

Elder Neil L. Andersen

You are more precious than a tree to your Father. He has provided a way for you also to be made strong  through the storms of life

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Women's conference March 2014

I loved general conference this month and enjoyed so much attending the Historic new Women's general meeting with both my daughters in the conference center. What a joy to have my 8 year old daughter with me and enjoy the messages of hope and unity with both her and my 13 year old.

The first speaker was the General Primary President who really focused on the sweet new young women who were invited to the meeting for the first time. She had all the 8-11 year old stand and help her sing the first verse of Teach me to walk in the Light. It was so sweet and powerful to hear their sweet young voices.

My notes from her message are as follows. These are the things that touched my heart

We will stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all places
As we take of the sacrament we look to the temple
Together with God we are unstoppable

Sis Oscarson the Young womens president
We rejoice in the ways we are different
There is an unbreakable bond between us as sisters
Feminine nurturing between generations
There is no age barrier in Christ like service
The missionary service by our sisters is a testimony of "the errand of angels is given to women"
"Oh how we need each other"
Love each other more and better

Sister Burton the Relief Society General president

Perfect means Complete
Disciples give up things of the world to come follow Jesus
There is High adventure in the service of the Lord
We cannot do it alone
Keep covenants-That's what disciples do

Pres Eyring

Path is marked by sacred covenants
Trials perfectly chosen for you to learn
Prepare children to receive and make covenants
Clapped your hands "This is the desire of our hearts"
You are one of the favored few who kows of the covenants and are able to make them
He sees not only what you are but also what you can be
Eve- The mother of all living she was full of Courage and wisdom
Helpmeet- helped her family find the path home
Eve was glad- when the path was hard because she could have seed, knowledge and progress
Sure as she kept covenants Savior would see her through any sorrows
He will provide the help that you need to move yourself and others up the path