Tuesday, April 8, 2014

General Conference Sunday April 2014

Some might think your four minutes are over and you blew it. Stop thinking that and never think it again

"Endings are not our destiny"
"There is so much more for us then just this life"

Pattern for leading others to Christ
1. Invite-  Reach out
2. Follow up- Lifting up
3. Persistance- Walking with them

I would never have asked for this trial but I would never give it away

It was the load that made it possible for him to return home.

Covenants are how we yoke with the Savior to pull our load

Standing on the shoulders of giants-- those who have blessed us with the gospel

Lord uses as small bit to help guide us

Joseph Smith wasn't hasty but prepared to go and talk to God

Messages I need to prepare for Family home evenings

1. Covenant path

Standing in Holy Places

2. Family History conversion stories

3. Ask the missionaries they can help

4. Without root or branch

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