Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Roberts/Kennard Family Reunion July 2014

 Friday July 25th

The fun and games start with the first annual Family Reunion Ride a 50 mile bike ride for those bike enthusiasts in the family. And a 10 mile bike ride for the rest of us. The 50 miler starts at 8 am and the 10 miler starts at 11. We will end up at the same place and those who finish there will be a Family Reunion Ride patch

At 2pm we can check in to Camp Esther

At 4pm we have reserved the Lake and will be paddle boating and canoeing.

At 6pm Pizza from Heber- Everyone donate $10 per family

At 7pm we have the Amphitheater at camp Esther and will be having a fun family program with Talent show and skits and bonfire (fire restrictions permitting). It will be a great time.

Program Schedule
Opening Song- "The Family is of God"
Opening Prayer-Uncle Burton
Family Motto-  Doctrine and Covenants 108:7 Therefore, strengthen your brethren in all your conversation, in all your prayers, in all your exhortations, and in all your doings.

Introduction of Family mailbox and love notes to "strengthen our brethren"

Skits- "You got Kids you got trouble"-By the Grandkids
Improve Skits with boxes of props and stories of ancestors 

Creation of our family song game.

Family Movie by Grandpa Roberts

Girls Song "Walk Tall your a daughter of God"

Family and missionary updates

Boys Song "Armies of Helamen"
Closing Prayer- Aunt DaNell

When the meeting is over we will have family games and goodies, Nail polish and hair curling salon
everyone bring your favorite healthy snack and your favorite junk food snack.


Breakfast- Hard boiled eggs, Bagels, and Muffins.
 (again potluck bring enough for your own family we will set it all out on the tables and eat together.)

From 9-11am We have reserved the Ropes course and will all be participating as a family. Some will take the challenge and others will come and cheer.

at 12 Sandwiches and Watermelon-
we will have a potluck lunch again everyone bring enough for your own family and share

From 1-4

Family history treasure hunt hike.

Create family t-shirts

Second family meeting Program

Opening Song- Child's prayer
Opening Prayer-
Family Motto
Video- "Courage Like Him"
Your unique contribution is irreplaceable-by Aunt Wendy
Wells Poem by Rachel Roberts
Chain Activity
Gift for Grandma's
Closing Song- Families can be together forever
Closing prayer-Grandpa Roberts

From 4-5 we will clean up the camp and check out

At 6pm we will meet at a restaurant in Heber for dinner as a family every family paying for themselves.

Then we will go home with great family memories

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