Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Understanding the Atonement, Grace, and Our Worth - An LDS Perspective

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the enabling power of the atonement and how to better use it and call upon it to help me be better and have more strength then I have.

I love the story of the father who brings his son to the savior to be healed and the Lord asks him do you believe. The father wants his son healed more than anything but recognizes in himself a lack of faith. Recognizes that the Saviors question and his answer to it could make all the difference to his son. He wants to believe desperately but I am sure looking into the saviors eyes he relizes that he has doubts. So he says something that I love and feel like has been an answer to my question of how to use the enabling power of the atonement more in my life
He says " Help thou mine unbelief" in other words enable my belief to be enough to create this mighty miracle for my son.
I have had a goal this year to attend the temple every week. I have set it up with a friend to help me get there and have done pretty well. But the truth is every week I have a little conversation with myself that includes a prayer to "help mine unbelief" help me be stronger then I feel right now and help me to be able to be successful in attending the temple and getting the power that I need for the week.
We some times have the erroneous belief that we have to do it alone and that we have to want to do it alone. The truth is most the time we really need help. and that help is available by asking.

What are you struggling with in your belief? What would happen if you prayed for greater strength and power to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish?

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