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Only Begotten

Only Begotten

Baby Jesus in manger by Gina Carter retrieved from Google images

Docterine & Covenants 138:57

“With all my heart and the fervency of my soul, I lift up my voice in testimony as a special witness and declare that God does live. Jesus is His Son, the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh. He is our Redeemer; He is our Mediator with the Father. He it was who died on the cross to atone for our sins. He became the firstfruits of the Resurrection. Because He died, all shall live again... May the whole world know it and live by that knowledge.”
—Thomas S. Monson
Ensign, May 2007, 25

The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: The Only Begotten Son 


 Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said, 
“Faith in Jesus Christ is the conviction and assurance of 
  1. His status as the Only Begotten Son of God,  
  2. His infinite Atonement, and 
  3. His literal Resurrection.”2  

Modern prophets have testified: “[Jesus Christ] was … the Only Begotten Son in the flesh, the Redeemer of the world.”

What does it mean that Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father?

 Jesus was the only person to be born of a mortal mother, Mary, and an immortal father, God the Father. That is why Jesus is called the Only Begotten Son of God. From His Father, He inherited divine powers (see John 10:17–18). From His mother, He inherited mortality and became subject to hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain, and death.


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