Sunday, February 23, 2014


"Now let us rejoice in the Day of Salvation"

One day I attended the temple one of the workers said "Can I share with you an inspiration?" I of course said "Yes" and she proceeded to say "I feel like you came to the temple today rejoicing. Isn't that great!" Now at the time she said this I was actually fretting and worrying about things but because she said it I started counting the many many reasons I had to rejoice that day. I started to think of the gifts of the Lord to me and His promises that had been fulfilled in my life. My whole outlook changed from one of worry and doubt to one of intense gratitude and joy.

"When all that was promised the Saints will be given"

One of the promises that i had to rejoice in was the Lord had promised me that my 2nd son would be  my first missionary. When He made that promise to me I had no evidence to hold onto only the word of God and my faith that "He will fulfill all his promises which He has made unto you" Alma 37:17T
That son had very recently had a "mighty change of heart" and was at that time preparing to serve a mission. It was a mighty miracle and much prayed for. I was so grateful and happy.

"Lift up your heart Lift up your voice Rejoice again I say Rejoice"

Why don't we spend more time rejoicing? I think it is because we forget to acknowledge and be grateful for the gifts of God.

Recently I read an amazing book about one woman's quest to find gratitude in everything the Lord gave her each day. It is a miraculous story of  faith and gratitude and was a great blessing to me. It was called "One Thousand gifts" by Ann Voscamp

What can you choose to rejoice in today?? What gifts has God given you that you could feel more gratitude and joy in?

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