Sunday, October 5, 2014

My testimony of the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon is my rock and power. I find so much comfort and peace from reading it. My testimony of the Savior grows each time I read it and feel so much closer to Him. I love the stories and learn so much that I can liken to my own life and find answers to my own problems.

In high school a story from the Book of Mormon blessed a friend and I. He had a bully that had challenged him to a fight after school. He didn't want to fight but felt like he needed to go back and find this young man. I was reminded of how the Nephites were protected by the Lord when they were defending themselves and we, as 17 year old kids with small testimony's, decided that like the Nephites the Lord would protect us if he didn't go looking for a fight but if one found him then he could defend himself. This was a powerful day that I knew Heavenly Father loved me personally and would answer my small problems. Nothing ever came of this "fight" it was just forgotten. But Father protected us that day through the Book of Mormon

Another time the Book of Mormon has blessed me was when I was on my mission. Miraculously we found a cute mom with 2 small children. I felt inspired to go to a park and she was there. I felt like she was glowing and knew she was the one I was supposed to approach and share the gospel with. Her sister was a member and she was very receptive. One day as we had challenged her to read the Book of Mormon she was sharing what she had learned and what had touched her in her reading. She shared 2 Nephi 2: 25 and said " I never knew our purpose was to have joy." This was a very spiritual experience to me because I felt like the Lord was telling me this is what I am trying to share the JOY of the gospel and she had heard that message in the Book of Mormon.

I love the Book of Mormon and always feel a strength and joy that comes from the book. Like Joseph Smith I testify that it is the most correct book I have ever read and that it brings me nearer to God than any other book. Although I have read it many times I never open it without finding personal revelation for me and my needs. 

Wendy Roberts

The video “New Day for the Book of Mormon” is a new video from BYUtv with interviews with scholars and historians. This documentary tells the story of the coming forth of this unusual book of scripture and how it is affecting people today—even some people you might not expect.

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