Saturday, January 3, 2015

Oh Ye that embark in the service of God

For our first activity for the new year we are going to introduce the new Young Men Young women's theme


We will be using these images from the Jan 2015 New Era to memorize the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 4:2

We will be displaying this amazing Mormon ad from the Jan 2015 New Era and watching this trailer from the Voyage of the Dawn treader to discuss Embarking and getting on the boat for the adventure of serving the Lord. This ship totally reminded me of the painting in the Voyage of the Dawn treader that comes to life and becomes a portal to Narnia. I love the idea of the kids seeing themselves going on a grand adventure because serving the Lord always takes me out of my comfort zone and helps me develop qualities of heroism and strength that I never knew I had.

We will be having 3 booths and splitting the kids into 3 groups that rotate 20 minutes per booth.

1. The Young men are in charge of the Boat racing booth here are some ideas I found online

2. We will be learning the song "Faith in Every Footstep" that has the words from the theme in it. 

3. Then we will do a photo of each youth with a card stating how they will #Embark that they can use on their social media if they would like. (Like the #Share the Gift campaign)

We will watch this video at the booth first to discuss ways we can serve God

Then we will finish up singing the "Faith in Every Footstep" together as group and watching this closing video by Elder Eyring "Oh Ye that embark"

Oh and the darling food by our Laurel's Advisor. I said "the theme is boats and she came up with this"

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