Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First 2 week resource for General Conference Study

Here is the first 2 weeks of General Conference talks with Photo/Quotes to hang up while you study

Last night we did the Pass and Write idea in our family and it was AMAZING!! Totally loved it. My kids spend 15 minutes immersed in the Conference talk and shared after what they learned. My 14 year old asked if we could do it again.  So it was a hit :) YEAH

I also loved that they "found" the quotes from the walls in the talk. My 9 year old came in after reading for a few minutes and said "Hey this is on the wall." That was exciting.  I guess I wasn't very clear where I got the photo/quote on the wall?? Also got a question "What does "succor" mean?

succor- from Google search


    1. assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.
synonyms:    aid, help, a helping hand, assistance; comfort, ease, relief, support, TLC
    "they are providing succor in times of need"

    1. give assistance or aid to.
    "prisoners of war were liberated and succored"
    synonyms:    help, aid, bring aid to, give/render assistance to, assist, lend a (helping) hand to;
    minister to, care for, comfort, bring relief to, support, take care of, look after, attend to
    "the prisoners were succored"

Been thinking about fasting and what I can do to be better at it.... It has always been a hard thing for me. For many years I was pregnant or nursing so wasn't able to fast for health reasons so I got out of the habit.

But I am ready to do better now.  Also thinking about what a "generous fast offering" is for our family. Still working and praying about the answer to that question.

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