Friday, April 10, 2015

Follow the Prophets 40 weeks of talks

As you surely noticed there are only about 10 talks I was able to write down my thoughts and take notes on during conference weekend. There were many I heard but was doing other things and unable to write my ideas and inspiration down and there were some I just missed all together. It is such an outpouring of information that by Sunday I am a little exhausted and less able to hear. So last conference I made it a goal to do a conference talk every week as our families scripture study. It has been a great blessing and has really helped me remember what I learned and get constantly nourished by the good word of God through the 6 months. I am also able to slowly but surely get more out of each talk. So today I found a 40 day challenge to read a conference talk. This was too fast for my family we don't get through a whole talk in a night so I made it 2 talks a week. This will get us through all the talks by the next conference! Yeah

Here is the 40 day challenge Thanks to  Bryan Porter Facebook LDS General Conference


And here is the edited one we will be doing as a family


So Monday April 13th  we start with Fasting and Light and truth

Going to try this idea out with my family and see how it goes.

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