Monday, February 8, 2016

Leave no Trace- newest homemaking idea

Ok so it started several weeks ago when I went into the "clean" kitchen to find someone had made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and there was "evidence" everywhere. Like any good detective I was searching the faces around me to find the culprit assuming there would be peanut butter or jelly or both on said face of said culprit. Sure enough I found them and explained that we were going to adopt the amazing boy scout motto of leave no trace. This was met with blank stares. Hummm . . .

Ok so we tried again and had some of my scouts explain leave no trace. Oh so you clean up after yourself. Yes that is what I was trying to say.

Few days later, clean kitchen no more peanut butter and jelly culprit is back. Hummmm....

So I came up with this idea

What if there is a good guy named "Leave no Tracey" and a bad guy named "Cleany Meany"

I then told my children that these two ladies would be coming soon as our new house keeper that I had hired. My younger daughter knew immediately that it was just mommy dressed up but my older daughter was very worried about strangers seeing her mess. Hummmm.... so strangers can't see it but her family can???

So I had each child create for a contest their own version of these two new cleaning ladies for our family.

Cleany Meany was certainly super scary to my 7 year old who drew her shooting off guns every where??  Or my 12 year old with "Clean or die" as her motto... ..  My 10 year old was most flattering with her just tapping her toe expectantly.

Here are their mottos.(What's a motto with you?)

Cleany Meany
Out of Place again
Time out in my bin

Leave no Tracey
Leave no trace
Everything in it's place

Cleany Meany had her first appearance today. And I got an extra chore out of the "forgetfulness". Hopefully we can all improve by this fun idea.

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