Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seeking Mentoring from the Master week 1

I have been working with a Mentor to help me get on task more with revelation, obedience, and finding time to pray more purposely. She is amazing and has really inspired some good changes in me.

I started yesterday to share with my children 1 on 1 in our mother/child mentor meetings the things she is sharing and it has been powerful stuff!!

The first thing we discussed was the song Glorious from Meet the Mormons. We watched this version and discussed each family members role in creating a home of peace, harmony and unity.

"It's like a symphony just keep listening
And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece in their own melodies
In each one of us, oh, it's glorious"

The challenge is to ask yourself what your role is in your family and what Heavenly father would want your role to be. How can you help improve the harmony, peace and unity in your home?

Next we talked about the amazing talk by President Nelson in conference Plea to my sisters. My daughters and I will be annotating that this week to discuss and apply to ourselves more fully.

Closet converted to desk for Sacred Space

The challenge to create a sacred space in our home to go and talk to the Lord was hard for me, I couldn't think of a great place for awhile but had come to my mind the messy closet right outside my bedroom. I am sorry now I didn't take a before and after because the change is remarkable!! this has been perfect because I have to pass by it multiple times each day so if I haven't taken the time to go and be with the Lord I feel drawn to do so!!

So my challenge to you is to do the same. Create a sacred space in your home for speaking to the Lord. Dedicate it to him in a special prayer that you will be visiting with him there each day and give it to him.  I have been using this streak tracker to track that I am doing it every day. I am up to about 25 days in a row and it is powerful to me!! So amazing the increase in peace and ability to do my work with patience and diligence.

I have a funny story to go with this challenge. My 7 year old took the challenge very seriously. He went to his room to make the top bunk his new sacred space. He got it all cleaned and made and beautiful. He hung a picture of the Savior up there and his temple picture and his picture he drew of Jesus  that says "I want everyone to be happy." Then he offered his prayer and then got down to play. He was playing for awhile with stuffed animals and suddenly from his room I heard him yell. "I have given this bunk bed to the Lord don't you guys understand."  :)

The next challenge is to have a question you are working on each day and anytime you are going to the temple. A question you need the Lord's help and guidance with. Seek answers from your Mentor to help you and guide you. Then have a Revelation record to record the things the Lord teaches you. I find that revelation comes to me piece by piece. Like a jigsaw puzzle that I am to put together to get the whole picture. Creating a revelation record has been helping me put the pieces together and stay focused on the question long enough to fully see the Lord's divine answer. 

Next we discussed

Filling Our Homes with Light and Truth Cheryl A. Esplin

"Families are the Lords workshop on earth for learning and living the gospel

We talked about how those people who you have to be with all the time are the ones who help you learn Christlike attributes the most. Siblings and Spouses are our greatest gift for this challenge right now. Being with someone daily creates a mirror that shows you where you are lacking in patience and charity. Family shows you more than anyone else what you still need to repent and ask for the Lord's help to overcome. 

Last but not least we are going to be adding an amazing tool for memorizing scriptures to our nightly scripture study. I found it here

Love this idea for implementing memorization in our family.  We will be doing the scripture Alma 37:17 until we all know it and the poem Builders. The poem applies to building a home of harmony, peace and family unity. We will be reciting it daily until we know it by heart. 

Loved this quote to help me work on this every day.
"Placing God’s Word in your heart is not a race; it’s a lifelong habit."

We are also working on "High 5s" this is a way to remember each persons jobs and chores each day. I have attached my 7 year olds because he has such a cute hand. This has been important to help establish better habits and more consistancy. We have one for AM, PM, School and Lunch. It has been helpful to be able to say when your "High 5" is done you can . . .  insert whatever motivates your child.

I listened to this amazing talk by Elder Bednar at BYU-I that really inspired me. I especially loved the last about 10 minutes where he gives a Warning and Promise as well as an apostolic blessing. So powerful and I think although it was given specifically to BYU-I it has so many applications for each of us. 

The Dandelion by Greg Olson

This picture with Christ and the dandelion and the quote "A grateful heart finds as much joy in a dandelion as a rose garden". Helped me see the problem of entitlement in my own life and I want to cultivate childlike gratitude in my heart.

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