Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Seeking Mentoring from the Master Week 2

You will be pleased to know I have done mentoring with my family two weeks in a row and we had family home evening 2 weeks in a row. E. taught our lesson yesterday and created a power point to teach us about being a Peacemaker.  It was awesome!! 

I have asked Adam to teach the FHE lesson next week on the talk from Elder Scott called "For Peace at Home". 

This weeks mentoring started with this talk from Elder Oaks. We will be working on it this week together so we can discuss it next week.Developing The Relationship:Oaks BYU Revelation Speech 

We discussed personal revelation and how it is individual and has to be developed and like a muscle used and grown. I challenged each of us to keep a Revelation record. It is my experience that the Lord gives me answers to my questions and revelation a piece at a time. As I record and "gather" the pieces together I can see more clearly the answer he is trying to give me. I challenged them to write a question and seek the Lord's answers gathering them as they go. Recognizing that the Lord can speak to us through the scriptures, other people, meetings, and promptings or ideas in our head. 

This week we had two scriptures that we are memorizing in our memory work. One is Alma 37:17 and the other is Docterine and Covenants 82;10. These were not sought out by me or even recognized as an answer to a continuous prayer until one day we were reviewing in the car and A. said " What about the promise scripture?" I recognized that he was right both were about Father fulfilling his promises and I was comforted by the tender mercy that it was no coincidence that we started with these scriptures but they were an answer to my fasting and prayers that the Lord was working on it and I could continue to trust in Him.

Obedience was the next thing we discussed this week and how Obedience is the first law of heaven. We talked about the Stripling warriors and how they Obeyed every word of command with exactness. 

Next was the spiritual question "What lack I yet?" and a desire to obey whatever the Lord's answer. I love how the question enables us to take one step at a time back to the Lord. I love how merciful and kind the Father is to give us small steps and enables us to master them then gives us more. It is a joy to me to be progressing back to him and I love that He strengthens and helps me every step of the way.

Our family study for the week is Mosiah 4:14-15 and our family motto many years ago was "Love one another and serve one another". This goes really nicely with E's power point and her challenges to us to be kind to each other.

Been thinking about the power that Father offers us for obedience. Listened to the amazing talk by Elder Renlund for doing family history work with temple work and loved the promise of personal power. When we lived in Maryland I had a dear Relief society president who took such good care of me. One day I was telling her about a really discouraging FHE I told her that everyone was running amok and it was a fail. She said to me something I have never forgotten 12 years later. She was a convert to the church and her husband was a non member for many years. She said although family home evening was hard "I determined that I wanted the promised blessings for my family and nothing was going to stand in the way of me getting them."

Here is a video of all the promises we have been given and a list of things that we need to do to receive those promises. So many promises and so many things that will bless us with greater power. Like my friend every mother wants these promised blessings for their children in this world of increasing darkness.

Thinking about the things that we can do on the Sabbath to show Father a sign of our gratitude and worship for Him.  Trying to have mentor meetings and FHE each Sabbath day as well as helping each family member work on Family history or indexing.

We have been listening to books again at night and I have been working on Family History. It is AWESOME!! So fun. Found about 60 names this week!! 

Last I wanted to share what my daughters and I worked on this week. We studied the talk by Elder Nelson last conference called "Plea to my sisters"

E. really touched my heart with her ideas about it and I wanted to share. I will put what Elder Nelson said in Black and what E said about it in red so you can see easily. Please note she is 10.

"President Spencer W. Kimball made a profound prophecy about the impact that covenant-keeping women would have on the future of the Lord’s Church. He prophesied: “Much of the major growth that is coming to the Church in the last days will come because many of the good women of the world … will be drawn to the Church in large numbers. This will happen to the degree that the women of the Church reflect righteousness and articulateness in their lives and to the degree that the women of the Church are seen as distinct and different—in happy ways—from the women of the world.”5

"My dear sisters, you who are our vital associates during this winding-up scene, the day that President Kimball foresaw is today. You are the women he foresaw!"

E: I love that it says we are the women he was talking about. It's amazing and powerful

"We, your brethren, need your strength, your conversion, your conviction, your ability to lead, your wisdom, and your voices."
E: I like this part because lots of things today say that men are better than women but this is saying that women are needed.
"We need your strength!"
E: We have more strength then we know.

"Together we will help prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Lord." 

E: I think that is a cool quote

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