Saturday, January 23, 2016

Idea for 3 spiritual goals for the new year

At our recent Ward conference we were challenged to have 3 spiritual goals for the coming year.

A monthly temple goal
A monthly ministry goal
and A weekly doctrine goal.

A friend showed me a center piece she had created for her table to help her family with the goal to Ponderize.

I had my 12 year old help me create one this week out of old 3 ring binders with the clear plastic covers you can put pictures or things in.  My daughter had the idea to put flowers in the middle and it makes me so happy. It has 3 places for different messages. 

Our first doctrine is the doctrine of the family. We studied my favorite quote from this First Presidency message  

"We owe our families the kind of relationship we can take into the presence of God. We must try not to give offense or take offense. We can determine to forgive quickly and fully. We can try to seek the happiness of others above our own. We can be kind in our speech. As we try to do all these things, we will invite the Holy Ghost into our families and into our lives."

The second about ministry within our families.

The third is from Vaughn J. Featherstone about the temple. It is so powerful.

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